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Sparqle: Introducing A Fresh Approach to On-Demand and Same-Day Delivery

Written by: 
Tim van Alphen
July 28, 2022

Imagine a world where same-day delivery isn't a luxury, but a standard, and it doesn't come at the cost of underpaid couriers working under challenging conditions. Picture a delivery service that's as vibrant and fresh as the fruit in your morning smoothie. When we first delved into the delivery sector, we knew it was a vital part of our everyday lives. Whether it's ensuring that your groceries arrive just in time for a family dinner, supplying a much-needed hangover remedy, or delivering a thoughtful birthday gift to your loved ones from afar, the sector serves us all. However, we were shocked by the harsh realities behind the scenes. It's become increasingly clear that something needs to change in this rapidly growing same-day delivery sector. We knew it was high time to make that change, and so Sparqle was born.

A New Spin on Deliveries

The experience on both ends of the spectrum – courier and consumer – has been far from ideal. As consumers, we've all had our share of frustrations with late deliveries, mishandled items, vague notes substituting for missed parcels, and the dreaded inflexible delivery slots. 

When we took a closer look at the courier's perspective, we understood the root of these issues. The world of delivery drivers is riddled with underpayment, little support or transparency, unfair penalties, and harsh working conditions. It's high time we ask - how did we let this happen?

We deliver the Sparqle to your doorstep

Our vision at Sparqle is simple - to become the driving force behind Europe’s last-mile delivery industry as the most sustainable, reliable, and Riders-First delivery platform. We aim to provide more flexibility, fair pay, improved working conditions, efficient delivery routes, on-the-job benefits, and much more.

At Sparqle, we believe that when couriers are treated with respect and dignity, the positive effects cascade down to our partners and their customers. We're committed to creating a comfortable, safe environment for our riders, where they feel valued and protected. We work with a live support team to make work as smooth as possible, all accessible via the Sparqle rider app.

Delivering Change with Sparqle

Your voices have been heard, and Sparqle is here to give the last-mile delivery industry the makeover it so desperately needs. Are you ready to join the revolution?
Email us at tim@joinsparqle.com for any inquiries, comments, or suggestions.

Tim van Alphen


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