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Sparqle Secures €1.2 Million Investment to Expand Its Sustainable Delivery Platform Across Europe

Written by: 
Tim van Alphen
February 22, 2024

AMSTERDAM, February 22 - Sparqle, a leading platform of sustainable delivery solutions, announced the successful completion of a €1.2 million investment round. The funding was led by a group of business angels including the former Managing Director of Deliveroo EU, former CTO of Just Eat Takeaway, and Bloomon founder, alongside Graduate Entrepreneur Fund. The infusion of capital will accelerate the further development of Sparqle's technology platform, expand its sustainable delivery network, and fast-track its expansion into additional European countries.

With a vision set on reshaping the delivery landscape, Sparqle's platform offers a seamless integration between retailers, e-commerce brands, and sustainable delivery methods. Through its proprietary software, rider app, and dedicated fleet of e-cargo bikes and electric vehicles, Sparqle optimizes delivery routes for maximum efficiency and minimal environmental impact. This strategy ensures prompt, reliable deliveries, highlighting Sparqle's commitment to reducing carbon footprints and addressing urban congestion and pollution challenges.

Ruurd Tjeerdema, Co-founder of Sparqle: "The logistics sector holds untapped potential for innovation, particularly in sustainability and efficiency. This investment propels us forward, allowing us to bring our vision of cleaner, more liveable cities to life. Our approach not only addresses the urgent need for greener solutions but also keeps cost efficiency in focus."

Building on this foundation, Sparqle's strategy is uniquely positioned to meet the challenges of urban congestion and pollution, offering a scalable solution that meets the growing regulatory demands for emission-free city logistics.

Tim van Alphen, Co-founder of Sparqle: “As cities move towards emission-free zones, Sparqle's platform emerges as a solution for businesses aiming to meet sustainability targets without compromising on efficiency. Additionally, our commitment to transparency and sustainability is directly in line with the objectives of the recently enacted Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), which mandates comprehensive reporting on environmental impact and CO2 emissions for companies operating within the EU. Our detailed sustainability reporting is designed to meet these requirements, ensuring that our partners can confidently demonstrate their contribution to sustainable urban logistics.”

With an extensive fleet of electric cargo bikes and vehicles already operational, Sparqle is not only leading the sustainable delivery movement, but is also strategically expanding its reach across Europe.

For more information about Sparqle, visit https://sparqle.com.

About Sparqle
Sparqle is a leading sustainable delivery solution, offering a platform that connects retailers and e-commerce brands with sustainable delivery methods. Focused on innovation, efficiency, and sustainability, Sparqle is setting new standards in the delivery industry, benefiting businesses, communities, and the environment alike.

For more information contact:
Tim van Alphen
Sparqle Technologies B.V.
IJsbaanpad 2, 1067 CV Amsterdam
M: +31 (0)6 10 19 91 77
E: tim.vanalphen@sparqle.com
W: https://sparqle.com

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