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Sustainable Bouquets and Seamless Delivery: A Blossoming Partnership between Sparqle and Bloomon

Written by: 
March 20, 2024

In a world where seamless delivery experiences and sustainable practices are key, Sparqle and Bloomon joined forces to transform the floral delivery landscape. As Sparqle champions progressive technology, efficient deliveries, and sustainable impact, Bloomon revolutionises the floral industry with its commitment to quality, creativity, and environmental responsibility. Together, we embark on a journey to redefine flower deliveries, ensuring that each bouquet arrives fresh, vibrant, and emission-free at the customer's doorstep.

Why Sparqle?

With consumer expectations for same-day deliveries, real-time tracking, and sustainability soaring, retailers are challenged to select the right delivery partner from numerous options. Bloomon chose Sparqle as its delivery partner due to several key factors, including Sparqle's strong commitment to sustainability, efficient and reliable delivery services, and expertise in last-mile logistics.

"Primarily, Sparqle demonstrated a strong commitment to sustainability, aligning with our company values," says Mathijs de Jong, Bloomon’s Logistics Manager. "Their efficient and reliable delivery services, coupled with their expertise in last-mile logistics made them a natural fit for our needs."

Cooperation and Future Outlook

Bloomon's partnership with Sparqle has been characterized by good cooperation and a shared commitment to quality service. Bloomon highlights Sparqle's outstanding dedication to meeting evolving needs, setting a solid foundation for future collaboration.

“Our cooperation with Sparqle has been great so far. Sparqle's dedication to delivering quality service and their responsiveness to our evolving needs have been outstanding. Looking ahead, we see our partnership continuing as we explore opportunities for further collaboration in the field of sustainable logistics."

As a result of the partnership with Sparqle, Bloomon experiences an improvement in its sustainability. 

“Through Sparqle's use of eco-friendly transportation methods, we have reduced our carbon footprint, contributing to our sustainability goals and earning positive feedback from environmentally conscious customers,” adds Mathijs. 

Recommendation from Bloomon 

Based on their experience, Bloomon recommends Sparqle to other companies seeking a reliable and sustainable delivery partner. 

"I would definitely recommend Sparqle to other companies seeking a reliable and sustainable delivery partner," concludes Mathijs, Bloomon’s Logistics Manager. "Sparqle's commitment to quality and their environmentally conscious business model make them a valuable partner for any organization."

About Bloomon

Bloomon revolutionises the online floral experience by offering unique, seasonal collections sourced directly from growers. By cutting out the middleman and purchasing directly from growers, Bloomon ensures that their flowers are as fresh as can be which allows customers to enjoy them for longer. As a B-Corp, Bloomon is dedicated to sustainability, offering climate-neutral products and carefully packaging its flowers with recycled materials. Founded in 2014 and operating in five countries, Bloomon ensures top-notch quality and environmental responsibility with every bouquet. With a focus on reducing their carbon footprint and making a positive impact locally and internationally, Bloomon strives to deliver flowers that make people happy and contribute to a healthier planet.

About Sparqle

Sparqle is a leading sustainable delivery solution, offering a platform that connects retailers and e-commerce brands with sustainable delivery methods. Sparqle stands out in the delivery industry by prioritising efficiency, reliability, and sustainability. Our in-house innovation, including our proprietary routing engine and advanced rider app, ensures smooth operations for retailers and top-notch experiences for consumers. Sustainability is more than just a goal; it's ingrained in everything we do, from transparent carbon footprint reporting to our commitment to emission-free logistics. We place a premium on customer experience, offering advanced tracking systems and consumer data insights, while promoting transparency and collaboration throughout our network. Sparqle is setting new standards in the delivery industry, benefiting businesses, communities, and the environment alike.

“Bloomon is heavily focused on their people, their products, and the planet, which aligns perfectly with the values we hold at Sparqle.” mentions Sparqle co-founder Tim van Alphen. “Additionally, we aim to reduce emissions and increase customer satisfaction. Sparqle wants to lead the transition towards a more sustainable future, collaborating with companies like Bloomon, that share our vision. We offer Bloomon deliveries with our cargo bikes in multiple cities, aiming to enhance customer experience while providing emission-free delivery.  Sparqle seeks to optimise processes, which result in efficiency and fair pricing. We believe that only those companies that view delivery as an integral part of the product will boost customer satisfaction and loyalty in the long term.”

United by a shared commitment to sustainability and innovation, Bloomon and Sparqle are changing the floral industry's landscape.

Ready to bloom with sustainable and seamless delivery? Join us in building a sustainable future and reach out to Sparqle today.

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